What is a 'Video Platform' and why do you need one?

So, for starters, what’s a video platform?

Just like a webpage, video needs to be ‘hosted’ somewhere if viewers are to watch it online.

If the video is placed on a webpage, it still needs to be hosted on a video platform to ensure viewers get the best playback experience, and for marketers to get insight and analytics on views and engagement.

A good enterprise-grade video platform will provide a secure home for all of your video content that your IT team will be happy with, often with the ability to select privacy settings etc. depending on if your video is internal or external facing.

Online video platforms have two key visible parts:

  1. The admin control panel where you upload, manage, share and measure your video content
  2. A video player that you embed on your site, share on social or place on the intranet

It is advisable for companies who use video to have a video platform for the easy management and evaluation of their videos.

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